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Made by: Princess Platinum
Style by: TheUltimateH4M



    To use my generator you need to first enter your full Wikia username so that it can correctly generate page links. You then enter the text you want your username link to be (i.e. instead of "Princess Platinum" I want "The Princess"). The username color is the color the text will be, please use a hex color code including the "#". You can find a hex generator here. You do the exact same for the talkpage. Next you select your border style and width from the dropdown list. You then enter a hex color code including the "#" for both of the input boxes. These will determine the color of your border and background. The next part is where you can change the shape of your sig. You can use this to create different border styles. Select "edit each corner seperately" then select "em". Place the numbers you used in the boxes below and click submit to generate the code.

    To use this code on Wikia please copy it to

then go to
and add
to the signature box, select the checkbox under it and select save. NOTE: please replace "mywikiname" with the name of the wiki you wish to use the signature on and replace "myusername" with your Wikia username. Enjoy!


Text Options

Username Link Text:
Username Link Color:

Talkpage Link Text:
Talkpage Link Color:

Border and Background

Border Type:
Border Width:

Border Color:
Background Color:

Border Radius (Top Left):
Border Radius (Top Right):
Border Radius (Bottom Right):
Border Radius (Bottom Left):